International Development Consulting: Civil Service Reform-Human Resources Our international philosophy is to work with national governments and international agencies at the highest levels to provide solutions and to assist clients with implement

Job Profiling Job Profiling is the systematic process of collecting and analysing job information. It is the process of identifying a profile of job outputs and context as well as to identify the underlying competencies needed to perform a job eff

'Introspect' Personality Styles Workshop (1 day) The outcomes for this highly interactive workshop are: Understand the DISC Personality styles Biaxial model. Understand own personality style and how it

About Assessment Centre Methodology An Assessment Centre is a formal process during which group and individual management simulations are used to determine an individual's management ability, skills, and training needs. The individual's pe

Purposeful Teams™ Introduction For organisations wishing to achieve strategic goals through the use of teams, Purposeful Teams™ is a quick and powerful intervention that awakens effective team performance.  Unlike other team de