Job Profiling

Job Profiling is the systematic process of collecting and analysing job information. It is the process of identifying a profile of job outputs and context as well as to identify the underlying competencies needed to perform a job effectively.

Individual Integrated Job Profile discussions are facilitated with representatives of the respective Job to develop:

Performance Outputs (Key performance areas; outputs & standards);

Functional and Behavioural Competencies and

Biographical data


Performance Management

People deliver results and therefore an integrated approach to management of your Human Resources is of critical importance to the delivery of your business goals. Because people deliver results, their performance needs to be proactively measured and managed to ensure the performance levels required to deliver your goals are achieved. The Fullray Management Instruments product and service offering:

  • Performance Management As-Is analysis
  • Performance Management training
  • Performance Management Policy & Procedures
  • Development of Balanced Scorecards
  • Performance Management template design


Culture and Climate Surveys

Organisational culture and climate can simply be defined as the pattern of meanings, beliefs and expectations, shared by its members, that tends to govern the behaviour of all individuals and groups within that organisation. Good corporate governance requires us to audit our finances, take stock of our inventory, maintain our vehicles and plants on a regular basis and monitor our marketing initiatives. In talking to CEO's we hear that 'employees are our most valuable asset' and yet how often do we hear of an annual employee audit, in line with other good corporate governance issues? It is often said that if we do not win their (employees) hearts, we will not have their minds.

Given the above scenario, Fullray Management Instruments has an innovative and cost effective option to measure organisational culture and climate. The basis of our methodology is firmly rooted in the work of W. Warner-Burke and G. Litwin, American Industrial Psychologists, who developed a model used in the analysis of organisations. It defines 12 dimensions of organisational activity and their interrelationships. Based on this model, Fullray Management Instruments developed a culture and climate survey that allows organisations to keep a finger on the pulse of its employees.

The survey and report can be customised to the specific needs of the client organisation, whilst retaining the integrity of the original business model. Statistical and reporting software are customised to cater for the unique needs of the survey. The result is that we are able to provide accurate and insightful feedback on the status of the human resources within your organization. Furthermore, the development of the software for this purpose has enabled us to reduce the processing time of the statistical models and reports, resulting in significantly lower costs than traditional climate/culture surveys. Reports can be produced for various levels of the organisational structure, from the entire organisation to individual business units.

Change Enablement

To engage people in change on an emotional and rational level, and thus realising the maximum possible benefits from change interventions, we focus on three pillars of change enablement:

Management of change

Effectively managing change to ensure that individuals receive the necessary support and development they need through the change and equipping the workforce to respond positively to the change as well as to fulfill their roles and responsibilities in the future dispensation.

Change Ownership

Ensuring that individuals adopt and own the new processes, technology and ways of working associated with the change.

Senior management involvement and commitment

Ensuring that the vision and end-state are clearly articulated and understood by all, and that senior management are committed, actively engaged and are leading the work force through the change.

HR Function Transformation

For companies striving to meet the competitive challenges of today and tomorrow including globalization, the war for talent, technology, ongoing growth and capacity to change, the management of the human resources holds the key to future success. The HR function of today and tomorrow needs to make a complete shift in order to support the organization in meeting the above challenges.

We provide consulting support in the transforming HR functions to enable them to meet these challenges. The following approach is followed:

  • Analysis Phase: Obtain a clear understanding of the current situation of the HR function in terms of strategic alignment, HR service delivery and process effectiveness, customer satisfaction and costs. In this regard a comprehensive HR Maturity analysis is conducted with detailed reporting on the as-is situation of the HR function.
  • Redesign Phase: During this phase areas for redesign are identified and various HR service delivery models are constructed for review. Various workshops are conducted to test the different models and approval is obtained for the most suitable model. Functionalities and high level roles for each proposed HR unit are also developed. An implementation plan is prepared and presented.
  • Implementation Phase: During this phase the entire HR organization is restructured based on the selected conceptual model and blueprint. This entails a complete redesign of in-scope HR processes and organizational structures as well as the re-profiling and evaluation of all relevant jobs. If required we also assist with migration planning and the selection of suitable candidates for the newly defined jobs. A change management programme normally runs in parallel with the above phases.

Organisation Design

The structure of an organisation must be aligned to its overall strategic direction. Developing the optimal organisational model involves having a clear understanding of the organisations strategy. Organisations move through design cycles to deliver strategy whilst achieving synergies and economies of scale. We have a number of proven approaches and methodologies for the redesign of organisations.

In addition to our existing Organisation Design methodologies, we are now also able to offer our clients a total system for managerial accountability and effectiveness, Requisite Organization, focusing on the collective alignment and focus needed to achieve business-wide goals and objectives. The principles of Requisite Organization were developed through applied global research by the world famous Dr. Elliott Jaques.

Skills Audits

Fullray Management Instruments conducts best practice Skills Audits, Training Needs Analysis and Development Action Planning in both the private and public sector. We typically focus on the following aspects during a Skills Audit:

  • Development of your organisation’s competency profiles
  • Conducting a competency based skills audit.
  • Provide extensive analysis of the competence levels in your organisation against the strategic performance requirements of the organisation.
  • Extensive reporting on skills levels in the organisation.
  • Conduct a training needs analysis.
  • Facilitate effective development plans for incumbents.??